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​L. Tomasini -  ​Complete recording of Divertimenti ​with Barytone


After the complete recording of the works for Barytone by J. Haydn in 2009 (21 Cds) now the complete work by L. Tomasini for this wonderful instrument.

​The CD Production​ took place in Eszterháza castle in Fertöd ​. Prince  Nikolaus Eszterházy had the castle built after his own plans.

​Michael Brüssing


​Maria Brüssing


​András Bolyki


Aloisio Luigi Tomasini (22.6.1741–25.4.1808) ​born  in Pesaro (Italy) . ​He was more than 40 years in the service of the Esterházy family as principal violinist of the chapel   ​He played the barytone himself.

​Extensive concert tours throughout Europe show his poplarity at his time. ​He played, for example, string quartett at the imperial court  in ​Vienna ​and gave concerts at the coronation celebrations of emper​or Franz II in Frankfurt.

​He was a lifelong good friend to J. Haydn ​

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...thank you for the wonderful recordings of Tomasini’s trios. Please thank the other members of Esterhazy Ensemble for me. 

I had purchased the CD collection of Haydn’s trios you recorded a while back (Brilliant Classics), as well as the CPO disc featuring a handful of Tomasini’s trios. You can imagine how thrilled I was when I received your message about the release of the complete recording of Tomasini’s works. 

Now I hope that you’ll record and release the complete trios by Burgksteiner and Neumann. With 24 trios each, that would probably take some time. But knowing the quality of performance of your ensemble, the wait will be worthwhile. 

With my renewed thanks and best regards,

​Frederic Bourgeois

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