Improve - Learn - Refine 

your playing technique on the  

Viola da gamba

Even if you are already a routined viol player… add some more skills to your playing technique

The time is right 

to bring your playing technique back to shine


The current situation provides a good way to implement long-held resolutions:   
What about your guilty conscience:   I should really practise more to improve my technique. But simply playing is more fun - maybe not always for the other ensemble players who have to listen to it.

On some days the viol just will not respond

The rosin doesn't work

The sound is squeaky

The bow slips on the strings

Sometimes on the wrong strings

Or on 2 strings, when it should only be one

Or only on one, although you want to play double stops

Everyone has had comparable experiences before.

And if you get annoyed about it, it usually gets worse - you tense up even more, force the tone -  the instrument cannot resonate freely and produces noises that you didn't really intend.

A sarcastic saying from a university professor to a student: you have 2 problems - the right and left hand.

The viola da gamba is one of the most delicate instruments when played well. If you want to present yourself with it, you must have agile fists and long fingers and not put them in your pocket, because it takes a lot to be a master on this instrument. (1738)

If you like this hand position and think it ideal for playing in a relaxed and virtuoso way, then you don't need to read any further- and I didn't design this course for you.

If you like the bow guidance in this picture and you say yes, I like this straight bowing - you can learn this with this course.

Viol technique course

With this course, you will receive more than 50 short videos showing specific problems in playing technique. 

And of course the solution - how and what can be practised to solve these problems. 
The instructions are clearly structured so that you can search specifically - to improve your playing technique.

For the first time a compact summary of all technical questions about the instrument!

This is what you get, when you order now!

Once you have registered, you will be activated for the videos and, depending on the package, also for the e-book and the vouchers for the lessons.

The course is primarily designed for interested amateurs, but there will also be food for thought and ideas for lessons for professional players.

You can watch the videos one after the other, or choose from the table of contents which specific topic you would like to deal with.  

Most of the videos are quite short, 2-5 minutes -  I wanted to make everything as compact as possible so that you have plenty of time to practise.


It's like brushing your teeth. Maintain your technique in small units, but regularly.


You learn how to express your musical ideas better on the instrument


Your consort mates will be happy with you


You have more time to focus on the notes when your technique becomes automatic.

The course content

The 4 large units, each with video clips on the respective topics


Module 1: Basics

- holding the instrument

- maintenance of the instrument

- frets 

- changing strings

- peg care

- using these exercises in the best way


Module 2: right hand

- basic bowing exercises

- bow speed

- rhythms

- articulation exercises

- dynamics

- string transitions

- double stops, chords


Module 3: left hand

- basic exercises for hand positions

- change of position

- double stops


Module 4: Musical Expression and Advanced Exercises

- dynamics

- double stops

- playing fast

- chords

- intonation

- spiccato


And this is what you get in addition 

The e-book deals with the same topics. For people who like to have a visual reminder, it is the ideal addition to the videos.

 In the Facebook group there is the possibility to discuss technical problems and give feedback.


All exercises with explanatory pictures in an ebook - as PDF for download

For a deeper understanding, or if you want to look something up quickly. For example, how an exercise works in detail.

Share your experience
Facebook Goup

In the private Facebook group, you have the opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded people and to get even more suggestions that may have been neglected in the videos

Live lessons

The lockdown forced everyone to deal with online lessons.

In my experience, it is possible to get technical feedback also via electronic media such as Skype or Zoom.

It is then also possible, for example, to send short video clips back and forth to discuss musical or sound problems.

Information about
Michael Brüssing

After violoncello and musical education studies in Stuttgart, Michael Brüssing came to Vienna in 1986 to continue his studies there. He began to specialize in baroque cello and viola da gamba.

After completing the soloist diploma for viola da gamba with Prof. Philippe Pierlot in Trossingen, Michael Brüssing founded the Esterházy Ensemble, with a focus on chamber music with baryton from the court of Prince Nikolaus Esterhazy.

Many concerts in Europe and overseas, radio and more than 30 CD productions as well as a variety of teaching activities complement his musical activity.

This course is a win for every viol player!



  • 3 years access from date of purchase
  • The course will be online May 30


  • 3 years access from date of purchase
  • The course will be online May 30
  • Workbook for  Download
  • Facebook group
  • 2 private lessons  of 30 minutes   (via Zoom) or live, if possible



  • 3 years access from date of purchase
  • The course will be online May 30



  • 3 years access from date of purchase
  • The course will be online May 30
  • Workbook for  Download
  • Facebook group
  • 2 private lessons  a 30 minutes   (via Zoom) or live, if possible


  • 3 years access from date of purchase
  • The course will be online May 30


  • 3 years access from date of purchase
  • The course will be online May 30
  • Workbook for  Download
  • Facebook group
  • 2 private lessons  a 30 minutes   (via Zoom) or live, if possible

100% satisfied, otherwise you will get your money back within 30 days  .

Unconditionally.  If the course does not meet your expectations, you can send me an email or call and I will refund the full price.

I am convinced that this will not be the case. I have packed 30 years of teaching practice into it and I am sure that you will also find valuable suggestions.

Here are 2 video examples:


Great idea!  Thank you very much for offering this course.



I had a look  at the first couple of dlips.   Very nice presentation, good content, impressive and to the point.



Can I listen to the course over and over or do I have to save it on my computer?

What do I do if  something is not clear to me?

What if I have a different opinion on the technology in some details? 


Practising can and should be fun.  

And the greatest joy is when you see success and, above all, hear it.